Self Employment

There can only be one (1) person to provide errand services for any given territory or city. Start now!
1st come 1st serve. If you want immediate self employment, act now!
Be your own boss, work few flexible hours and earn good money. You take potential client's calls and you decide to accept the job or not. If you accept, you may receive up to $80. per hour for your work.

We provide you with a Website, a Ad Assistence and Business knowledge you'll need. You start work immediately. Benefits and business leads to be discussed individually.

Only one opportunity per area or city, don't delay, your areas self employment opportunity will not last.

Please call between 5am - 2pm to speak with Marty, or leave a message anytime (PST)

Instant Self employment for 6 months or 1 year -

$249.00 for 6 months (with 1st chance at renewal)
$399.00 per year (with 1st chance at renewal)

We help you build your business. We post your business name and number on website, clients call you directly. Once they request service you supply an estimate. The client pays you or for 5% we accept payment on your behalf.

We provide free consultation to assist you with your Errand Service.

Your responsibilities:
Come up with a Business Name (ex, Speedy Errands, DJ's Errands etc, ...)
Supply us with address, phone number, and times of service.

Senior Companion Personal Assistant Vegan/Regular Meal Prep Furniture Assembly Lawn Services Window Cleaning Massage Therapy Home Restoration Drone Services House cleaning Exchanges and Returns Yard Cleaning Pet-Sitting Errands, Name it Business Services Moving and Relocating Senior Services Concierge Services Meal Delivery House Sitting Courier Service Organizing Pricing items for a garage sale Dropping off charity donation Groceries Laundry Copies/faxing Library Video rental Post office Dry cleaning Vet/groomer Gift shopping Flowers & delivery Pick-ups & Deliveries Addressing cards and invitations Visiting seniors/shut-ins Waiting for home maintenance services Craigslist Ads Commercial Cleaning

Self-employed refers to a person who operates a business or profession as a sole proprietor, partner in a partnership, independent contractor, or consultant. Self-employed individuals report their income on Schedule C of Form 1040. Self-employment typically involves bearing the expenses of hiring others to assist or do work on one's own behalf, having to personally bear the risk of success or failure of the business, and bearing responsibility for correcting unsatisfactory work. Self-employed individuals also usually have several customers at the same time , provide the main equipment needed to carry out the work, and can decide how, when and where work is done.
From < provides Advertising for Errand Services Nationwide. Businesses promoted on are, self employed, individual contractors and are responsible to each client and are liable for all local, city, county, and internal revenue taxes due by law in their individual areas.

Unresolved complaints may cause termination of Advertising, no refunds.

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